Grønninghoved Beach

The beach is located only about 100 meters from Grønninghoved Strand camping and invites to a lot of opportunities for adults and children.

The Beach

The sea has always had an alluring magic on people and the same is happening at Grønninghoved. The child-friendly beach, the calm water and the peer are the good settings for your next holiday next to the beach.

From the peer, many crabs have been caught through the years.

Others have enjoyed a quiet evening walk along the beach with sand between their toes and their girlfriend or friend.

If you have your own boat with you and want to go to sea – then there is a boat slip that can be used freely.

Just bring the fishing rod or your swimming equipment – there’s room for everything.

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“There are only a few meters to the beach where crabs can be found and caught from the bridge.”