Grønninghoved Strand Camping is a child-friendly campsite with lots of fun activities. The focus is the interaction between children and parents – both on and off the site.

We have two larger playgrounds for the children, which you can read more about below.

Playgrounds for smaller children

As parents, the needs of children are a high priority – especially when it comes to the holidays. Therefore, choose a child-friendly campsite that thinks so. At Grønninghoved Strand Camping you can’t help but enjoy your holiday together – everyone!

In 2023, we built a brand new playground for smaller children aged from about 0-6 years, which is located at our building 3. There is everything you want if you want to spend a whole day with your new playmates.

There is a large climbing tower, trampolin, pirate ship, swings, rocking animals, “giant blocks” and not least seating area for the adults…

Playground for older children

We also have a playground with play equipment and climbing tower, which caters more to slightly older children.

It is located next to our new multi-purpose court, and there is, among other things, a large climbing tower, carousel, swings, seesaw…

Activity programme

In addition to bouncy castles, multi-purpose courts and playgrounds, there is a fixed activity program for children on weekends, holidays and in high season, where children and adults can enjoy the company and each other.

Is there anything better than a joint football match, hockey match, twistbread or child-friendly pool party in the evening sun 🙂

See much more under the activity calendar on the website.

“Pool and playgrounds were in high quality for our boys.”