Big news for 2023 was our new multi-purpose court with artificial turf, gangs and goal/basketball basket.

It has got off to a fantastic start in 2023 and a lot of children and adults have enjoyed it during the season.

Multi-court football/hockey/basketball

The multi-purpose court is open daily from 0900 to 2100 and there are always a lot of children and adults who enjoy playing, ball games, etc. on the pitch.

The multi-purpose pitch is of course good for football games, but we have also arranged weekly hockey and basketball tournaments on it during the season.

In the biggest weeks of the summer holidays there have been 40-45 children at the football tournaments, which are arranged min. 1 time a week 🙂

Other activities on the multi-purpose pitch

In addition to the “normal” activities, we have had a lot of other activities on the multi-court, which is suitable for almost everything.

We have had “dance-camps”, Henrik Leth “Boxing-camp”, 3-4 circus workshops, Football “Brizze” has done magic on it and a lot of other things.

Activity programme

In addition to trampolins, multi-purpose courts and playgrounds, there is an activity program for children on weekends, holidays and in high season, where children and adults can enjoy the company and each other.

Is there anything better than a joint football match, hockey match, twistbread or child-friendly pool party in the evening sun 🙂

See much more under the activity calendar on the website.

“The pool and playgrounds were popular for the boys”.