Cabin type 1

Cabin type 1 is 10 square metres and furnished for 2 persons.

The cabins are fully equipped with all kinds of practical gear for the number of persons the cabin is meant for.

In front of each cabin there is a small covered and furnished terrace, and most cabins have a view of the beach and the sea.

Between the cabins there is a small area with barbeques, tables and benches.

None of the cabins have toilet and shower facilities, but they are situated at the centre of the site, close to the shower rooms and other facilities.

Please bring bed linen, tea towels and kitchen cloths.


Cabin type 1 – 2022DKKEuro
Cabin 10 m2, incl. 2 persones, per night380,-52,77,-
Addinional persons pays ordinary charge.

Excharge rate DDK – EURO: 7,2

Lille hytte type 1