Discover the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld

Grønninghoved Strand Camping is located about 10 km from UNESCO World Heritage in the form of the charming town – Christianfeld

Christiansfeld – worth a visit

Whether you are interested in history or just looking for cozy places to visit, you will surely be captivated by Christiansfeld.

Here, the well-preserved iconic yellowstone houses lie side by side on cobbled streets. Here you can explore the city’s shops while strolling through the streets or enjoy a cup of coffee at the cozy cafes.

If you are in the city center, there is ample opportunity to experience the unique structure of the city center, which Christian the 7th allowed the Moravian Church to build back in 1773.

Honeycake town – Christiansfeld

The honeycakes has an exciting and sensational history. For more than a few hundred years, the cakes have been baked in Christiansfeld and distributed throughout the country, where the much-loved cakes have been sold at markets. That’s why the honeycakes is known all over the country today.

The honeycakes are sold as the original and genuine. There is a difference between the recipes, so the cakes are of course also different. Today, the cakes are baked and sold from different places in the city.

Therefore, you should take the time to visit the points of sale and taste the different gingerbread when you are in town.