Skamlingsbanken – history and a fantastic view of Southern Jutland

Skamlingsbanken with its 113 meters above sea level has a beautiful view. Skamlingsbanken is the highest point in  Southern Jutland and there is a very beautiful hiking route from Grønninghoved Strand Camping.

The landscape appears lush with small hilly fields, beech forests, hedgerows along roads and field boundaries.

Skamlingsbanken is beautifully located overlooking the Little Belt. Here you will find both a restaurant and memorials from the past.

Skamlingsbanken is especially known for the folk festivals held in the years 1843-59 in support of the Danish cause in Southern Jutland.
On Højskamlingen stands a 16-metre-high support made of 25 granite blocks in memory of the Danish cause’s campaigners in Schleswig. The support was raised in 1863, blown up by the Prussians in 1864, and raised again in 1866. The recovery was possible because people in the area had collected and hidden the stones.

There are several walks and bike paths from Grønninghoved Strand Camping to the top of Skamlingsbanken with views, beech forest and beautiful terrain along the way. Distance to the top is approximately 1.5 -2 km depending on which route is chosen.