Experience Southern Jutland

Southern Jutland is in many ways a unique area that offers both history, lovely and lived-up towns and a fantastic beautiful nature with the sea, hills and the forest in your backyard. Grønninghoved strand Camping is located right in the middle of it all and is centrally located in the triangle area with a short distance to many good experiences for the whole family.

See the beautiful and inspiring Southern Jutland

Southern Jutland offers, in addition to lovely nature and beaches, a lot of adventures for the whole family. Whether you are into beautiful and historic towns, amusement parks or history from, for example, World War 2, Southern Jutland has it all.

Grønninghoved Strand Camping is within driving distance of many exciting excursion destinations.

Look over at the reception or look under adventure on our website and find the next adventure for the family.

Kolding, Christiansfeldt, Vejle or Odense

Grønninghoved Strand Camping is close to many lovely and exciting towns, each with their own landmark and charm.

Look under adventures on our website and get inspired for your next trip.