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As there may be guests departing from the same place, arrival is not earlier than 14:00 for camper and 15:00 for cabins

As new guests arrive from 14:00, you must leave your seat and have settled no later than 12:00 for campers and 10:00 for cabins. You can request a later departure at the reception.

Dogs are very welcome and free.

However, they must ALWAYS be kept on a leash or fenced.

In addition, they MUST always be walked outside the square, both when they need to pee and do other…

Yes, the shop and reception are normally closed from 12:00 to 14:00.

The opening hours vary and the exact times are written on the door to the kiosk / reception.

Yes, you can.

You can get pizza (margarita, ham, pepperoni).

They must be pre-ordered at the shop.

No, it is not allowed to charge the electrical cars on the campsite’s electricity grid.

Yes, we make a lot of fresh-baked bread and other things in the weekends, holidays and in high season.

It should not be pre-ordered. You just come.

Yes, all guests must pay for access to the swimming pool. This is done at the reception and costs DKK 25 for guests to the campers and DKK 50 for everyone else.

There may be periods in the high season when this is not possible due to the fact that the campers have priority for the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is open from mid-may until the last weekend in August.

The opening hours for the shop are as follows:

Out of season:

See the door at the kiosk

Week 27-31

Monday to Sunday from 0730-1200 and 1300-2000

Opening hours at the reception are as follows:

Out of season:

See the door at the reception

Week 27-31

Monday-Sunday from 0830-1200 and 1400-2000