The big news for 2024 is our new Orangeri and outdoor dishwashing area.

The orangery is built for different purposes, which are described below.

In addition to the described areas below, we also use the Orangery for our own activities – especially in bad weather.

This could be face painting, creative corner or magic shows.

Cooking and eating in the Orangery

The orangery can be used by our campers for cooking, socializing and eating.

There are several tables and chairs where you can eat your breakfast, dinner or afternoon cake. Everyone is supposed to enjoy the orangery and enjoy the cosiness and warm and therefore it is not the intention to sit in the Orangery for many hours in large groups.

It is not allowed to bring music and own barbecue.

Bookable for events

The orangery is also built with the purpose that campers can book the orangery for smaller or larger events.

If you are a group of campers who book a number of campsites and/or cabins, the orangery can, for example, be booked for a shared breakfast and/or barbecue evening. The orangery will be divided by partitions so that one can hold a private arrangement.

If the guests at the event are primarily non-campers, it will only be possible during off-season periods.

If you want to reserve the orangery please contact us at or +45-75574045.

Outdoor dishwashing area with sea views

In connection with the orangery, we have built a new outdoor dishwashing area with a super sea view of the Little Belt.

There is also a lounge area where you can enjoy yourself while washing dishes 🙂

A really nice campsite, although with a short distance to the beach and the many apple trees around the site, nice that in a tent you get a place that is “fenced” in by a green fence. All in all, a really nice campsite with both pool and mini golf.