Bouncy pillows

Grønninghoved Strand Camping is a child-friendly campsite with lots of fun activities, including of course also bouncy pillows

The small bouncy pillow

The “small” bouncy pillow is located by our building 3 and the new playground.

This area and the bouncy pillow are primarily for children from 0-6 years. There is peace and cosiness so that all young children can have a nice day with lots of play and new playmates.

The big bouncy pillow

The “big” bouncy pillow is located by the swimming pool and during the day is always filled with life and happy children and maybe a few adults.

The “big” bouncy pillow is for slightly older children who can enjoy themselves for hours with play games, practice jumping or just “laze” in the sun.

Activity programme

In weekends, holidays and in high season there is a regular activity programme for children, where children and adults can enjoy the company and each other.

Is there anything better than a joint football match, hockey match, twistbread or child-friendly pool party in the evening sun 🙂

See much more under the activity calendar on the website.

“The pool and playgrounds were very popular for the boys”.